Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Summary # 36

A very good week, though there's nothing spectacularly striking about it. My productivity has been more vigorous and balanced on all fronts given my method mentioned last summary, I've been taking a stronger interest in my work as of late, and I continue to show more emotional progress with my Mind Over Mood introspection habits. In the end I feel very satisfied and think I need to stay the course in order to strengthen my habits and practices. I've been more content at the end of the day when I visualize an abridged version of all that I've done for the day, and almost unconsciously I've been trying to work faster at every task without struggling to up my pace. My only problem is that I'm in a financial pickle right now, but I have the confidence that I can overcome it gracefully, and am serene with the situation.

The list:

1.) Look up web resources on web design: I dilly-dallied and didn't get it done. I tried doing some research, but given my poor art skills I feel scared at the prospect of attempting such a feat as creating an attractive banner for my site. Though, I should persist.

2.) Continue studying muscle groups: I did, twice. I pretty much have it down, though with a little confusion. Maybe I should study one last time to lock things in. As predicted it has made exercise planning much easier, and in addition I've also been getting surprising insights on how my muscles are balanced and where work needs to be done (triceps, glutes). I really should have done this a long time ago. If you want to learn for yourself, here's the site I used.

3.) Convert to Gmail and redirect newsletters and like to there; add signature: Done. It was a horrible process! Lord, having to redirect all those newsletters. I wish it were a little easier, but it's all worth it for a more fluid e-mail experience. I'll still maintain my other account for a few more weeks to see what else I may have missed.

I'll try to post my e-mail on my blog whenever I can figure out how to do so securely, like with CAPTCHA.

4.) Ask my credit union how I can convert my money to other currencies: Done, but they couldn't help me since they don't deal with foreign currency. I'll need to talk to a major bank.

5.) Create productivity lists for work: Done, but the dish washer machine at work gets it too wet to be of use. I haven't been able to get a plastic sleeve for it yet, so for now I'm mainly using my stopwatch.

6.) Read to page 100 in Schulz and Peanuts: Done. I've decided not to finish it. I'll explain why tomorrow.

* * * * *

This past week I've been much more interested in improving myself at and thinking about work, which I take to be a sign of a revitalizing interest in my career. Good, my passion is flaring up. I'm rerealizing not only how practical it is to come up with innovations, but also how fresh it keeps matters, always staving off boredom. I still need to work on reading more, however, and my intellectual thinking as well, so this week I'd like to emphasize the reading I've been neglecting, especially since I've attacked my lists so savagely.

So for this week:

1.) Research CAPTCHA: I want to give a private way for you guys to contact me, but I'm certainly not going to put my e-mail all out in the open. I want one of those word verification systems, but haven't figured out how to put one in.

2.) Read to page 100 in The Science of Chocolate

3.) Finish my spring 2011 spring edition of The Objective Standard: I have a horrible habit of leaving the journal laying about until I'm prompted by a new edition's mailing to pick it up.

4.) Read chocolate history book: Vague for now, as I've forgotten which book I requested from the library on the history of chocolate. I'll find out soon enough.

5.) Look up how to create banner graphics

I feel strange, as if I'm somehow offtrack, but intellectually I recognize matters as otherwise. Though, maybe I should pay attention to this emotion, as I often get the same sense when I've forgotten something before leaving a room and am dismayed to find out what after it's too late. Most difficultly, I find that over 90% of the time that sense is right, so maybe it is here too. Oh well: Everyday is another day to improve. I've been telling myself that frequently lately.

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