Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writings for Modern Paleo

I have advertised it before, but I guess I should add greater emphasis to the fact that I also contribute to another blog, Modern Paleo. Most of my contributions are cross-posted articles like my chocolate reviews, but on occasion I have written articles for them exclusively, and I think I didn't do a good job raising awareness on that part. Omitting cross-posted pieces, here's some MP exclusives:

Paleo and Rewriting Reality: People have taken before to recognizing what good health effects my lifestyle has achieved, but on more than one occasion I have had it where their estimates will change completely once they learn my means. One person even deceptively put me off as a vegetarian even though I eat far more meat than vegetables.

Being Paleo During an Economic Disaster: It's never a nice subject to think about, but now is the time to get one's food and health life in order before things get bad, otherwise you might be up the creek without a paddle.

I'll continue writing more exclusive articles here and there in the future, and will be better in making note of it here.

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