Monday, June 27, 2011

Sense of Humor Update

Last week I spoke about some self-improvement I was undertaking to improve my sense of humor. Well, in the end I decided that my style of humor isn't that negative after all and that it isn't actually undermining my relationships, and lately I've noticed an actual positive in regards to the fact that I'm actually employing humor at all.

Lately I've noticed that at work I've opened up a lot more and am making witty attempts on a fairly consistent and frequent basis. This is very good news to behold considering that just a scant few months ago I was terrifically anxious around people all the time and kept shut tight like a clam while at work, always keeping to myself. I feel no discomfort barrier now, not even with people I'm just meeting. My sense of life has become much more lively.

Furthermore, I've been much more open with my moral judgment as well, being very expressive of my appreciation of someone and hardly being afraid to issue a condemnation when it is deserved. My fear of being responded to with irrational hostility has been very reduced, and in circumstances when I do face such reactions I feel no discomfort in my position and am able to keep a solid physical stance during such confrontations.

I'm proud of myself for having made such progress. Multiple valuable friendships have been the happy consequence, and no longer do I feel any pains of loneliness as I had a few weeks ago. However, there's still a ways to go. I still feel dumbfounded as to what to say when people ask me personal questions, such as what I do after work ("er -- uh, read, write, take a cold shower . . . "), and romantic aspirations are still going unpursued, though I need to work on a more serious conundrum before I get to that.

I have to keep singing the praises for Mind Over Mood. Its information has made the methods of successful introspection incredibly more clear now, to the point where I save time in my efforts and reap more benefits. It's a book I wish I read a long time ago rather than let sit on my reading list for so long, as I think I would be further along in my character development if I had done so.

Right now I want to keep the course in developing my good habits in nourishing friendships and introspecting on my emotions, and after I earn a more secure living I'll being pursuing romance with more directed effort.

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